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Transfer your UK pension to Canada with FCA regulated advice from a UK financial adviser

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Transfer Your Pension from the UK to Canada

Myself and my team at Dominion Financial Management, a UK based FCA regulated financial advisory company, are experts in QROPS and the transfer of pensions from the UK to Canada. Based in the heart of Cheshire, England, we possess unrivalled knowledge of company pensions in the UK and how they are treated in tax, in Canada. 

If you are unsure if this is right for you, using a financial adviser in the UK ensures that you transfer your pension in a way that is legal and tax-advantageous, delivering several key benefits. 

Using a QROPS pension transfer service doesn't need to be complicated when you have a qualified financial adviser. Each case can have unique needs, but we are prepared to work with any circumstances to get your pension transferred so that you are set up for your retirement.

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Are you looking for advice on transferring your UK pension to Canada?  

At Dominion Financial Management, we can help make a very complicated process as easy as possible. As experts in QROPS pension services for Canada (and registered UK financial advisers), we have a skilled and qualified team ready to make transferring your pension a reality. 

A UK financial adviser is required for safeguarded benefits, which include defined benefit pension plans over £30,000. Safeguarded benefits require review and to be signed off by a financial adviser registered in the UK before the pension can be transferred to Canada. Our specialist services meet this need for you, helping you to transfer your pension legally and in full compliance with both UK and Canadian tax law. 

The Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) regime offers a framework by which you can transfer your pension from the UK to Canada. If you have worked in the UK but have now relocated or returned to Canada, you can consider transferring this pension into a RRSP in Canada. 

With our pension transfer expertise, you can obtain the benefits of transferring the scheme into the more beneficial Canadian tax system, without the difficulty of trying to figure out the transfer on your own. If your benefits are Safeguarded, you need to appoint a FCA regulated firm to sign off on this so why not pick an expert? 

Stay within the Law with a Qualified and Registered UK Financial Adviser

Working with a UK financial adviser doesn't just make the process of transferring your UK pension to Canada an easier process. It is also legally necessary for some pension transfers. If you have safeguarded benefits and you want to transfer more than £30,000, you must receive regulated financial advice in the UK before you can carry out your transfer. The advice that you receive is intended to protect you and ensure you are aware of all of the advantages and disadvantages of transferring your pension to Canada.

Financial advisers are liable for the professional advice that they give you, meaning that you are protected if you follow their advice, and it is not right for you.However, it isn't only those with safeguarded benefits that can gain an advantage from receiving qualified financial advice. Anyone who is considering transferring their pension from the UK to Canada can benefit from seeking professional advice before doing so, particularly individuals who have high amounts in their pension pots.

Qualified Help

We are a qualified and registered UK financial advice service. When you need financial advice and assistance relating to transferring a pension from the UK to Canada, Dominion Financial Management takes the pain out of the process and helps you to maximise your pension funds.


How Dominion Financial Management Can Help You

Making use of the Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) may, at first, seem that it could be complex. However, Dominion Financial Management is here to help.  Bringing your pension to Canada delivers a range of tax advantages to your finances, and our advisory and transfer service takes the complexity and daunting task of arranging yourself away from you. 

For a Safeguarded (mostly Defined Benefits) transfer of your pension from the UK to Canada, it is mandatory to have a UK financial adviser regulated by The FCA provide advice on the transfer.  The team at Dominion Financial Management is highly experienced in this field, with knowledge of both the legalities and technicalities in the UK and Canada. 

If you are 55 or over, we can offer you advice and make your pension transfer as smooth as possible. Even if you are still under 55, and will be subject to stringent reporting requirements, we can still offer advice on your options, especially if you are approaching the right age to transfer your pension.

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Dominion FM can help you transfer your pension from the UK to Canada
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